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TCP port number of the SMTP server (Email class)

This method retrieves or sets the TCP port number of the SMTP server.


%currentPort = email:Port email:Port = newPort

Syntax terms

%currentPort A numeric variable to contain the current value of the Port property.
email An Email object.
newPort The target server TCP port number to which the SMTP connection request is sent.

Usage notes

  • The initial value of the Port property is zero. This means that Mail method invocations will try to use the REMOTE port number (if present) from the Janus client socket port definition. If the Janus client port does not have a REMOTE definition that specifies a TCP port number, you must set this Port property to the correct value for the target SMTP server.
  • If you set the Port property value, and the Janus client socket port you are using has a TCP port defined, your Port property value must match the client port value.
  • The "well-known" port number for SMTP connections is 25.

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