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Move cursor to the previous record in the set (RecordsetCursor class)

This callable method returns a CursorState enumeration indicating the state of the cursor after it is moved.


[%cursorState =] recordsetCursor:Previous

Syntax terms

%cursorState An enumeration object of type CursorState to contain the state of the cursor after the completion of Previous. Valid values are described in "Cursor state".
recordsetCursor A RecordsetCursor object.

Usage notes

  • Previous may be issued if the cursor is in one of two states:
    • HasRecord — Advances to the previous record (if there is one).
    • AfterEnd — Advances to the last record.
  • If Previous is called on a cursor whose state is BeforeStart, the request is cancelled.
  • After issuing Previous, the cursor is left in one of two states:
    • HasRecord — The cursor moved to a new record, and it is ready to go.
    • BeforeStart — The cursor ran off the beginning, and it points to no record.

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