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HTTP request protocol (HttpRequest class)

The Protocol property sets or returns the TCP/IP protocol for the HTTP request. The protocols supported are http (standard web protocol) and https (Secure Sockets Layer, or, SSL). If left unset, it defaults to http.


%currentString = httpRequest:Protocol httpRequest:Protocol = newString

Syntax terms

%currentString A string or Longstring variable for the assignment of the current value of Protocol.
httpRequest A previously defined and instantiated HttpRequest object.
newString A string expression that identifies the protocol to use. It must have a value of http or https. It is case insensitive. If the value is not http or https, the request is cancelled.

Usage notes

  • You must not set a Protocol value that conflicts with the protocol specified on the JANUS CLSOCK port definition your HTTP request will reference. For example, to successfully use https as the Protocol value, the Janus port definition must specify both the SSL and SSLOPT parameters.
  • Setting the TCP/IP protocol to https automatically sets the Port property to the standard SSL port (443). Setting the protocol to http automatically sets Port to the standard HTTP port (80).

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