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Do quotes break the current token? (StringTokenizer class)

[Introduced in Sirius Mods 7.8]

QuotesBreak determines whether quotes are considered boundaries of tokens, that is, whether in the simplest case, the string peanut"butter" will tokenize to peanut and butter or to peanutbutter.


%currentBoolean = stringTokenizer:QuotesBreak stringTokenizer:QuotesBreak = newBoolean

Syntax terms

%currentBoolean An enumeration object of type Boolean to contain the returned value of QuotesBreak. The default value is True.
stringTokenizer A StringTokenizer object expression.
newBoolean A Boolean enumeration value.

Usage notes

  • The Quotes characters are initially settable in the New call that creates the tokenizer instance.
  • The RemoveQuotes property controls whether quotes are removed from the returned values of quoted tokens.


In this example, the string fire"works" is either one or two tokens, depending on the setting of QuotesBreak:

b %tok is object StringTokenizer %tok = new(quotes='"') %tok:string = 'fire"works"' PrintText {~} is: {%tok:quotesbreak} repeat while %tok:notAtEnd printtext {~} = {%tok:nextToken} end repeat %tok:string = 'fire"works"' %tok:quotesbreak = False PrintText {~} is: {%tok:quotesbreak} repeat while %tok:notAtEnd printtext {~} = {%tok:nextToken} end repeat end

The result is:

%tok:quotesbreak is: True %tok:nextToken = fire %tok:nextToken = works %tok:quotesbreak is: False %tok:nextToken = fireworks

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