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Characters to be interpreted as quotes (StringTokenizer class)

This readWrite property returns or sets the characters that are recognized as quotation characters. The text between each disjoint pair of identical quotation characters (a "quoted region") is treated as a single token, and any delimiter characters (Quotes, Spaces, TokenChars, or Separators) within a quoted region are treated as non-delimiters.


%currentString = stringTokenizer:Quotes stringTokenizer:Quotes = newString

Syntax terms

%currentString A string variable to contain the returned value of the current quotation characters.
stringTokenizer A StringTokenizer object expression.
newString The string value to assign to stringTokenizer's Quotes property. Each character in the string is a quotation character and no character may repeat. The default value for a new tokenizer is a null string.

Usage notes

  • No character can be one of the Quotes characters and also be one of either the Spaces characters or the TokenChars characters.
  • The Quotes characters are initially settable in the New call that creates the tokenizer instance.
  • A quotation character may participate in only one quoted region. The first quotation character from the beginning of the tokenization string is paired with the following identical quotation character in the string. An unpaired quotation character causes a request cancellation.
  • A quoted region is not affected by the TokensToLower and TokensToUpper properties.
  • The RemoveQuotes property controls whether quotes are removed from the returned values of quoted tokens.


The following request fragment employs two quotation characters, and it uses the RemoveQuotes method to include the quotation characters in the returned tokens:

%tok = new(Quotes='"+') %tok:string = '+This Quotes example+ is "trivial"' %tok:removeQuotes = False Print %tok:nextToken Print %tok:nextToken Print %tok:nextToken

The result is:

+This Quotes example+ is "trivial"

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