RETRVKEY parameter

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Retrieve PF key


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
By any user
Related products
Model 204 V2.1 or earlier


The 3270 full screen terminal PF (Program Function) key which retrieves previous input lines

Valid settings of RETRVKEY are:


No retrieve PF key is available for this user. This user's previous lines are no longer available, and any storage allocated for retrieving lines is released.


The PF key that matches this setting retrieves previous input lines for this user.


  • If RETRVKEY was previously 0, storage is allocated for retrieving input lines that are entered after the RESET RETRVKEY command is issued.
  • If RETRVKEY was previously in the range 1-24, the user's previous input lines are available by pressing the PF key designated by the new value of RETRVKEY.
  • If you have set the X'01' (or X'11') bits of the RETRVOPT parameter, you can use a forward retrieve PF key, in addition to the backward retrieve PF key specified by RETRVKEY.

    Note: If either of these bits is set, the X'02' bit is strongly recommended as well.

  • The size of the allocated storage area, and hence the number and length of input lines available for retrieval, is specified by the value of the RETRVBUF parameter.

When a user logs out of Model 204, the value of RETRVKEY for that thread is reset to the value that occurred on the user parameter line for that thread, and the lines entered by that user are made unavailable.