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Per second rate of change of statistic (UserStatistics class)

Rate and RatePerSecond are aliases for each other. They return the difference in statistic values between one UserStatistics object and another, divided by the number of seconds between the time the two UserStatistics objects were instantiated. They report the rate of a Model 204 user Login (also called "Final") statistic.


%number = userStatistics:Rate( ustatOld, string) Throws UnknownStatistic

%number = userStatistics:RatePerSecond( ustatOld, string) Throws UnknownStatistic

Syntax terms

%number A numeric variable to contain the rate for the specified statistic.
userStatistics A UserStatistics object variable.
ustatOld An older UserStatistics object variable for the same user login as userStaistics.
string This case-independent string contains the name of a Model 204 user Login statistic. All other names return an UnknownStatistic exception.

Usage notes

  • Rate or RatePerSecond will cancel the request if they are applied to a statistic that is exclusively a "Request statistic".
  • The statistics UpdtTime(MS) and LongupdTime(MS) can also be specified without the parentheses: for example, UpdtTimeMs and LongUpdtimeMs, respectively.
  • Request statistics are not valid for Rate or RatePerSecond, since most don't really make sense for this operation. The Request statistics for which it does make sense (CPU, for example) have corresponding Login statistics that return the exact same difference.
  • Some Login statistics (like PCPU) don't really make sense as a rate, but Rate or RatePerSecond will return a rate anyway.
  • All rates are rounded to thousandths, except for the CPU statistic. The units for CPU are milliseconds, so CPU rates are rounded to thousandths of a millisecond.


  1. The following statement returns the rate for DKRD over the interval from the creation of %ustatOld to the creation of %ustat:

    %dkrdPerSecond = %ustat:rate(%ustatOld, 'dkrd')

  2. To get rates with a divisor other than time, use Difference. For example:

    %dkrdPerDkpr = %stat:difference(%statOld, 'DKRD') / %stat:difference(%statOld, 'DKPR')

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