Run, check, and verify the Client installation

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1. To install or upgrade the Debugger Client, download, extract, and run the SETUP.EXE file, which invokes a Windows installer. If you are upgrading to a newer build of the Client, the installer program will not remove the previous Debugger Client configuration file (debuggerConfig.xml).

If you are re-installing the same build version of the Client, the installer insists that you first remove the existing Client files (using the Add/Remove program from the Windows Control Panel). The uninstaller program will not remove the Client configuration file (debuggerConfig.xml), and the installer will not overwrite it.

2. After the installer finishes, double click the Debugger Client icon (from the Windows system Start menu or from the desktop). The Client should open, displaying a list of messages that identify the Client and its host, as well as key file locations and software versions; the last message is yellow-highlighted:


3. Make sure the installer did the following:

  • Placed an icon on your desktop to run the Debugger Client:
  • Created a Windows Start Menu item under:

Programs > Rocket Software > Rocket Software Debugger Client 

  • Installed these files in the target installation folder:
JanusDebugger.exe The actual Debugger Client program.
updateGet.exe Program for downloading updated versions of the Client.
unzip.exe Freeware program for unpacking zipped files.
debuggerConfig.xml XML-based configuration file that sets startup parameters for the Debugger Client. You must tailor this file, as directed in the next step.
Org.Mentalis.Security.dll Support for SSL connections.
msvcr71.dll Microsoft C library functions used by .NET programs.
gdiplus.dll Microsoft graphics file.
whitelist.txt White List file template.
dir.txt Empty file installed to test the writability of the folder(s) designated to contain various Client work files.
JanusDebugger.chm A Windows compiled HTML Help file. To view the Help, double click the .chm file or access it from the Debugger Client GUI Help menu.

The Janus/TN3270 Debugger User Guide, which includes installation instructions and a copy of the online Help contents, formatted for convenient printing.

To display PDF files, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download from

For Client builds prior to 50, the jdebugr.pdf file is installed in the Doc installation subfolder. As of build 67, the folder location can be specified in the Client configuration file (debuggerConfig.xml).

4. Set up the Debugger Client configuration file.