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NSA (non-swap-area) server size maximum


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
On User 0's parameter line
Related products
Model 204 V7.4


The SERVNSSZ parameter, along with the SERVNSA parameter, controls non-swappable above-the-bar (in memory with address greater than 2G) server areas.

  • SERVNSSZ (server non-swappable size) is the amount of space in, bytes, required for the above-the-bar server tables per user. The total amount of storage allocated for non-swappable server areas equals SERVNSSZ rounded to 4K and multiplied by NUSERS. When sizing SERVNSSZ you should use the largest sum of non-swappable above-the-bar server table sizes that might be needed.
  • SERVNSA (server non-swappable areas) indicates the server tables that you want to be above the bar.

For reference purposes:

  • The SERVGSZ parameter (server swappable size) controls the amount of space, in bytes, allocated to the swappable, above-the-bar server areas.
  • The SERVGA parameter (server swappable areas) indicates the server tables you want to be in the swappable, above-the-bar server areas.

For more information, see Designating non-swappable and swappable server space