START command: Starting an application subsystem

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Defined in the subsystem definition
Activates an application subsystem


START SUBSYSTEM subsysname [parameters]


subsysname The name of the application subsystem, comprised of a maximum of 10 characters.
parameters Subsystem-specific parameters. As many as 255 characters of information can be entered.

Syntax notes

The user class determines whether this command can be issued.

Usage notes

If the application subsystem is inactive when the START command is issued, the Subsystem Management facility opens all the application subsystem files, builds core-resident control blocks, and includes the application subsystem initialization procedure.

If the application subsystem is draining when the command is issued, the Subsystem Management facility makes the subsystem available for use.

If the subsystem is not autostart, then information passed via this parameter can be used only by the subsystem utilization procedure. Otherwise, the subsystem LOGIN procedure can make use of the information passed.

For more information, see Subsystem startup.

For more information about START SUBSYSTEM when it specifies a subsystem that uses remote files, see PQO subsystem command processing.