STATUS command: Listing logged-in user ID names

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Lists the user IDs of all users who are currently logged into Model 204



Syntax notes

When entered by the operator, the STATUS command must be issued as a reply to a HALT message.



Usage notes

If you issue a USE command prior to issuing STATUS, all output from the STATUS command is routed to the USE data set or printer. The USE device is closed when the STATUS command concludes.

The STATUS command has the same effect as LOGWHO. It lists the user IDs of all users logged into Model 204, along with each SNA Communications Server terminal currently in session with Model 204 (even if no user is logged in through that thread).

For each user ID listed, STATUS displays the names of any files opened. It also provides a terminal identification field if the SNA Communications Server, IUCV access method is being used. The information in this field can be used with terminal disconnection commands and debugging aids that relate to the access method.

The output of the STATUS command is displayed in the format:

** Jobname ** 0 ** USER nnn userid terminal-id filename...