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Mail sender email address (Email class)

The Sender arguments you provide are sent to the SMTP server in a "MAIL FROM" command, and they are also included in the e-mail content as the "From" mail header.


email:Sender( name, [nickname])

Syntax terms

email An Email object.
name The e-mail address of the sender.
nickname An optional string that contains a familiar name associated with the mail sender. This nickname appears in the e-mail content as part of the "From:" mail header.

Usage notes

  • The sender's e-mail address is not a required header according to protocol, It is not an error if you omit the Sender method (or, the equivalent, if you include a Sender call that has a null address) in your request. However, if no Sender value is set, no From: header is included in the e-mail content unless you explicitly do so using the AddHeader method. In practice, SMTP servers typically want a validly formed sender e-mail address, and they reject e-mail if an included sender address value does not contain an at sign (@) and a domain name (a string ending with a period (.) followed by a domain suffix).

    Note: The actual existence of such an address is not validated; merely its form. A null address value is usually acceptable, however.


For Sender method examples, see "Basic e-mail example" and "E-mail with attachment".

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