SetAuthentication (HttpRequest subroutine)

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Issue username/password credentials (HttpRequest class)

The SetAuthentication callable method lets you present credentials to a password-protected portion of a website. Such portions of a site are those where the server returns a 401 return code (authentication is required) for a request-for-URL in that portion of the site.


httpRequest:SetAuthentication( userID, password, realm)

Syntax terms

httpRequest A previously defined and instantiated HttpRequest object.
userID The user name for the protected area.
password The password for the protected area.
realm The protected area of the site.

Usage notes

  • Once a SetAuthentication method is issued, the information passed is used to respond to any request to which the server responds with a 401 http status code.
  • The most recent SetAuthentication issued is the one that will be in effect.

See also

  • Authentication values created with SetAuthentication are cleared with the RemoveAuthentication method.