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SirMon is a comprehensive facility for monitoring the performance and availability of Model 204 online systems. SirMon combines the real time monitoring of Model 204 performance with intelligent full screen displays that facilitate System Manager duties.

SirMon is part of the UL/SPF family of products from Sirius Software. As with all UL/SPF products, SirMon requires the installation of the Sirius Mods, with a version equal to or higher than the SirScan version.


SirMon combines the real time monitoring of Model 204 performance with intelligent full screen displays that facilitate System Manager duties. Displays may be scrolled and sorted by displayed statistics and parameters. SirMon also supports an automatic refresh mode for timed, “hands-off” operations. These features are designed to highlight significant resource consumers. Other features, such as the ability to restrict displays of users and subsystems to those holding a particular file open or preventing checkpoints, are designed to identify and solve problems with enqueuing and data availability. Users may be BUMPed or have their PRIORITY reset from within SirMon, and subsystems may be STOPped and STARTed. SirMon is completely integrated with the Model 204 security scheme, so users have access to commands in SirMon only if they have access to them at Model 204 command level.

SirMon also provides a background monitor which measures an array of system statistics against user-defined thresholds, sending warnings when problems are detected.

SirMon divides the Model 204 Online into System, Subsystem, File, User, and Task statistics. In addition to those statistics collected by Model 204, SirMon provides an extensive collection of additional statistics and information that is invaluable for understanding the performance of a Model 204 online. Online help facilities explain the meaning of all statistics available for display. SirMon is distributed with a set of pre-defined screens for each display category. The information displayed ranges from general overviews to highly specific and targeted views of particular users, files, or other aspects of the Model 204 system. Online help information is automatically tailored to the data displayed on the current screen. An integrated “fastpath” command structure allows fast navigation between the various display screens.

SirMon provides a collection of pre-defined monitoring screens that have been determined by Sirius to be useful for analyzing Model 204 performance and solving performance problems. Extensive customization facilities make it easy to design and implement screens that track information of interest to your particular site. These locallydefined custom screens are fully integrated within the SirMon end user interface, including support for display sorting, the standard prefix command set, fastpath access, and automatically generated help text.

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