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Option 2 from the SirMon main menu presents a menu of system statistics screens. This menu is also accessible by entering =2 in the command line of any SirMon screen. In RKWeb, expanding the Performance > System menu of the Monitor tab displays these statistics options in a sub-menu.

System Monitor menu


Selecting a numbered option from the menu brings you to a non-scrollable screen that displays a default set of statistics for the Online. The PF1 key displays descriptions of the sets of statistics reported in the screen:

Number Option Description
U Update the selection menu Allows SirMon administrators to customize the System Monitor menu.
A User AD-HOC An adhoc view of system statistics specific to each SirMon user.
1 System Performance General view of system performance that includes CPU usage, I/O activity and other broad measures.
2 Database I/O Performance Overall view of physical and logical I/O for the various database files defined to the Online environment.
3 User State Distribution Reports the total number of users in the various categories of activity (running, waiting, swapping, etc.) at a given moment.
4 User Wait Type Dist Displays counts of users by wait type (waiting for disk I/O, or file resource, etc.).
5 Request Profile Overall view of database activity up to the current moment. Displays total Find statements and various measures of record access and update.
6 MP Performance Measures of performance specific to a multi-processor Model 204 environment.
7 Above-the-bar Buffers Locally defined selection.
8 Above/Below the bar disk I/O Locally defined selection.
9 Below-the-bar Buffers Locally defined selection.

As many as 26 locally defined screens may also be accessed from the System Monitor menu. These screens are defined by a SirMon administrator, as described in SirMon custom screens.

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