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Convert an Ebcdic string to base 64 (String class)

The StringToBase64 intrinsic function returns the base64 encoded value of the method object string.


%outString = string:StringToBase64

Syntax terms

%outString A string variable to receive the base64 encoded value of the method object string.
string The string to be base64 encoded.

Usage notes

  • A complete explanation of base64 encoding can be easily found on the Internet or in many software textbooks.
  • Base64 encoding is useful for encoding strings that might contain binary or other characters that could cause problems in certain contexts. For example, binary characters can be problematic when sent in e-mail.
  • Base64 encoding is an alternative to hexadecimal encoding. Hexadecimal encoding has the advantage that it's simpler, but as the disadvantage that it requires two bytes for every encoded byte. Base64 encoding, because it uses more characters (64, as the name would suggest), only requires four bytes for every three encoded bytes.
  • The StringToBase64 function returns the standard base64 encoding of a string, where the encoded string is padded out to an even multiple of four bytes by appending equals signs.
  • StringToBase64 is available as of Janus SOAP Version 7.2.


The following statement displays 8PHy8/T19vf4+Q==:

printText {'0123456789':stringTobase64}

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