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Specified substring within tokenizing string (StringTokenizer class)

This function returns a substring that is a specified length and starts at a specific position in the tokenizing string. The substring may be padded on the right.


%string = stringTokenizer:Substring( position, length, [Pad= c])

Syntax terms

%string A string variable to contain the returned substring.
stringTokenizer A StringTokenizer object expression.
position The starting byte number in the tokenizing string to return.
length The number of bytes to return. If the tokenizing string has fewer characters than the requested bytes (starting at position), it is either padded to the requested length, or the entire tokenizing string starting at the start position is returned with no padding, depending on the value of the Pad parameter.
Pad The character used to pad the result substring on the right if the result is shorter than the requested length. c defaults to the null string, which means no padding is done. Pad is a name required parameter.

Usage notes

  • The length value must be a non-negative number. A negative number results in request cancellation.
  • The Pad argument must be either the null string or a single character. A longer value results in request cancellation in Sirius Mods version 7.2 and in a compilation error in Sirius Mods 7.3 and higher.


The following request prints nizer Substring example!!!!!:

begin %tok is object stringtokenizer %tok = new %tok:string = 'a tokenizer Substring example' %sub = %tok:substring(7, 28, pad='!') printText {~} is {%tok:substring(7, 28, pad='!')} end

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