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Subsystem statistics provide information about each subsystem active or defined in the Online system. Each subsystem will have a specific value for each subsystem statistic based on the subsystem's current activity and state within the Online.

In RKWeb, you can display all the subsystem statistics and view their descriptions by selecting Performance > Custom from the Monitor tab, then clicking the Subsystem radio button.

ACCOUNT ACCOUNT defined on the subsystem "operations" menu.
CCATMPP Number of CCATEMP pages used to hold precompiled procedures.
CMDLVAR APSY command line variable.
COMMVAR APSY communications variable
ERRPROC APSY error procedure.
ERRVAR APSY error variable.
EXITVAL Exit value for APSY communication variable.
INIPROC APSY initialization procedure.
LOGPROC APSY login procedure.
MAXITER Maximum number of iterations allowed by the APSY (if defined).
MSGCTL Suppression level for message during APSY execution.
NFILEG Number of files and groups allocated to the apsy.
NSCLASS Number of SCLASSs defined for the subsystem.
NUMLK Number of 'locked' files in the grouped APSY procedure file.
NUSER Number of users currently in the subsystem.
PRCNPRE Number of non-precompiled procedures in the subsystem.
PRCPRE Number of precompiled procedures in the subsystem.
PRCPSVW Number of server writes while running precompiled procedures in the subsystem.
PRCRES Number of resident precompiled procedures in the subsystem.
PRCRESB Number of bytes used by resident QTBL for procedures in the subsystem.
PRCRESE Number of procedures in the subsystem that are eligible to use resident QTBL but were not able to obtain the required virtual storage.
PRCSAVE Number of saved compilations for precompiled procedures in the subsystem.
PRCSVWR Number of server writes while running any procedure in the subsystem.
PREFIXN Non-Precompiled procedure prefix.
PREFIXP Precompiled procedure prefix.
PROCFG Indicates whether the source of the APSY procedures is a FILE or a GROUP.
PROCFIL Name of the APSY procedure file or group.
RESEVAL Number of evaluations for procedures in the subsystem using resident (shared) QTBL.
RESSWCH Number of evaluations for procedures in the subsystem that had to switch from using resident (shared) QTBL to non-resident QTBL.
STATUS Current status of the subsystem. Valid states are ACTIVE, INACTIVE, DRAINING, and TEST.

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