TimeStringConvert (String function)

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Convert date/time string from one format to another (String class)

[Introduced in Sirius Mods 7.9]


%outString = string:TimeStringConvert( inputFormat, outputFormat, - [[CentSpan=] number]) Throws InvalidDateString

Syntax terms

%outString This string is the method object, string, converted to the format in outputFormat.
string A datetime string.
inputFormat The datetime format of the method object string.
outputFormat A string that specifies the datetime format to which the method object is to be converted.
CentSpan This name allowed parameter is the CENTSPAN value used, if the inputFormat has a two-digit year. The default is specified by the CENTSPAN system parameter.


  1. This statement converts a value in YYYYMMDDHHMISSXXX format to the Month DAY, YYYY HH:MI:SS.XXX format:

    printText {~='20110520173648965':timeStringConvert('YYYYMMDDHHMISSXXX', 'Month DAY, YYYY HH:MI:SS.XXX')}

    The result is:

    '20110520173648965':timeStringConvert('YYYYMMDDHHMISSXXX', 'Month DAY, YYYY HH:MI:SS.XXX')=May 20, 2011 17:36:48.965

  2. This statement converts a value in MM/DD/YY format to the Month DAY, YYYY format:

    printText {~='12/22/11':timeStringConvert('MM/DD/YY', 'Month DAY, YYYY', centspan=1910)}

    The result is:

    '12/22/11':timeStringConvert('MM/DD/YY', 'Month DAY, YYYY', centspan=1910)=December 22, 1911

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