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EBCDIC to ASCII translate table name (HttpRequest class)

[Introduced in Model 204 7.5]

The TranslateTable settable property identifies the system translate table to be used for EBCDIC to ASCII conversion, and for ASCII to EBCDIC conversion in any HttpResponse object created by the HttpRequest object.


%currentString = httpRequest:TranslateTable httpRequest:TranslateTable = newString Throws InvalidTranslateTable

Syntax terms

%stringThe name of the translate table as loaded by the JANUS LOADXT command.
httpRequest A previously defined and instantiated HttpRequest object.

Usage notes

  • Because an HttpRequest object is not associated with a Janus port when it is instantiated, it uses a default internal EBCDIC to ASCII translate table unless the TranslateTable property is set.
  • Setting the TranslateTable property to null causes the default internal EBCDIC to ASCII translate table to be used.
  • EBCDIC to ASCII translation is done as EBCDIC data is added to the HttpRequest object. As such, the TranslateTable property should be set before any data is added to the HttpRequest object and should probably not be changed, once set.
  • The TranslateTable property is case-sensitive when set, so should probably be set to an all upper case name as was probably used on a JANUS LOADXT command.


The following sets the translate table for a new HttpRequest object to the STANDARD translate table:

%httpRequest is object httpRequest ... %httpRequest = new %httprequest:translateTable = 'STANDARD'

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