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Apply a Character Map to the method object string (String class)

Translate takes a string input and outputs a copy of it in which any of the input characters that are specified in a character mapping object are replaced with the characters to which they are mapped by the object. Translate takes a CharacterMap object as input which maps In ("input table") characters to Out ("output table") characters.


%outString = string:Translate( characterMap)

Syntax terms

%outString A string or to receive the translated input string.
string The method object input string.
characterMap A CharacterMap object variable which defines the relationship (mapping) between input and output characters.

Usage notes

  • For information about constructing a CharacterMap object, see New, the CharacterMap constructor.


In the following request, a's are translated to B's, and c's are translated to d's, as dictated by the character mapping in %map:

begin %map is object characterMap %ls is longstring %map = new(in='ac',out='Bd') %ls = 'aaaccc' printText {~} = '{%ls:translate(%map)}' end

The result is:

%ls:translate(%tr) = 'BBBddd'

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