TrimLeft and TrimRight (String functions)

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Trim bytes from left or right of string (String class)

[Introduced in Sirius Mods 7.9]

These methods remove a specified number of bytes from the left or right end of a string.


%outString = string:TrimLeft( amount)

%outString = string:TrimRight( amount)

Syntax terms

%outStringIs the string that results from removing amount bytes from the left or right of string.
string The method string object from which bytes are removed.
amount The number of bytes to remove from the left or right of string.

Usage notes

  • An amount of 0 results in the output string being set equal to the value of string.
  • A negative amount or an amount greater than 231 results in request cancellation.
  • An amount greater than or equal to the length of string results in the output string being set to a null string.
  • TrimLeft accomplishes the same thing as SubString when used with just the starting position and without a length. While it might be a little bit more efficient than SubString, it's mainly available for completeness.
  • TrimRight functionality can be achieved by using the Left and Length functions but it is considerably more efficient and convenient than doing so.


The following code:

begin %ls is longstring %ls = 'Life is good':trimRight(1) printText {~} = '{%ls}' %ls = 'Life is good':trimLeft(3) printtext {~} = '{%ls}' end


%ls = 'Life is goo' %ls = 'e is good'

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