UnicodeChar (Unicode function)

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The value at a specified position in the input string (Unicode class)

UnicodeChar returns the string value of the single character at a specified position in the method object Unicode string.


%outUnicode = unicode:UnicodeChar( position)

Syntax terms

%outUnicode A Unicode variable to receive the result of the UnicodeChar method.
unicode A Unicode string.
position The position in the method object string, unicode, of the character you want to identify. A value of 1 finds the first character in the string.

Usage notes

  • The position value must be a non-negative, non-zero number; a zero or negative number results in request cancellation; a value greater than the declared length of the output string results in request cancellation.
  • For a given position, the UnicodeChar function returns the same value as UnicodeSubstring with a length argument of 1.
  • The UnicodeChar method is analogous to the intrinsic String Char function.
  • UnicodeChar is available as of Sirius Mods Version 7.5.


The following request calls UnicodeChar two times:

begin printText {'inaugural':unicodeChar(5)} %u is unicode initial('xyz¡':U) printText {%u:unicodeChar(4)} end

The result is:

g ?

The question mark in the result represents an EBCDIC character that is not displayable.

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