Update (CharacterToUnicodeMap subroutine)

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Update this CharacterToUnicodeMap (CharacterToUnicodeMap class)

[Introduced in Sirius Mods 8.0]

Update lets you add new, or change existing, mappings in a CharacterToUnicodeMap object.


characterToUnicodeMap:Update( In= string, [Out= unicode], [Pad= unicode])

Syntax terms

characterToUnicodeMap A CharacterToUnicodeMap object.
In A required, name required, String or Longstring that specifies the single-byte character code points to be mapped to Unicode counterpart characters in the Out argument.
Out An optional, name required, Unicode string, each of whose characters is mapped to the character in the In string that occupies the same relative position in the string. The Out string may not be longer than the In; it may be shorter, however, as long as a Pad character is specified.
Pad An optional, name required, Unicode string argument that specifies the character(s) used to pad the Out string on the right if it is shorter than In.

Usage notes


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