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Statistics for the thread associated with this Daemon (Daemon class)

UserStatistics returns the Model 204 User statistics for the thread associated with the daemon object. It is useful for metering a daemon or for determining table usage by a compilation done on the daemon thread.

The method takes no arguments and returns a UserStatistics class object.


%userStatistics = daemon:UserStatistics Throws DaemonLost

Syntax terms

%userStatistics A UserStatistics class object variable to contain the returned statistics.
daemon A previously defined Daemon object.

Usage notes

  • The daemon cannot be running asynchronously when this method is invoked.
  • The UserStatistics method is available as of Sirius Mods Version 7.3.
  • For information about the user statistics that are returned and how to extract data from the returned object, see "UserStatistics class".


The following statements return the %daemon thread User statistics to the %myDaemonStats object, then print the non-zero statistics contained therein:

%myDaemonStats = %daemon:userStatistics Print 'stats are: ' %myDaemonStats

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