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Miscellaneous Janus Web options


Default value
3, as of Model 204 V7.5 (formerly 0), if a security interface is active, otherwise it remains at 0.
Parameter type
Where set
User 0 resettable
Related products
Janus Web Server
Before Sirius Mods 6.5


The WEBOPT parameter is a standard Model 204 bitmask-type parameter introduced in Sirius Mods version 6.5. The X'01' setting causes RACF calls to be performed in a special RACF subtask.

In cases where Janus Web Server is deployed and RACF handles login validation, the RACF call load for login-protected web pages can get very high. Since these calls often involve synchronous I/Os that stop the Model 204 maintask, they are generally not very good for Model 204 performance. However, if you set the WEBOPT system parameter to X'01', these calls are done in a subtask, reducing their impact on Online performance dramatically.

RACF Calls are performed in a special RACF subtask.
Introduced with Sirius Mods 7.9, this bit directs that Model 204 set the RACF Control Group Name as the APPL parameter for RACF verify calls.

Note: This setting only takes effect if the X'01' bit is also set.

Transactional daemon threads can access web data owned by their ancestor (usually parent) threads.

When WEBOPT includes the X'03' bits (the default as of Model 204 V7.5), the RACF Control Group name is set as the SNA APPL parameter. This enables both the generation of RACF Pass Tickets and the use of extended APPLDATA('RACF-INITSTATS(DAILY)') to limit history updates for RACF logins. The APPL name is set to the value of the Model 204 RACF Control Group name, which can be found by issuing the following command: