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XMLSCREENREPUC xxx — Specify XMLSCREEN replacement character


XMLSCREENREPUC is a parameter on the JANUS DEFINE command, which specifies a replacement Unicode character that is to replace any Unicode character that cannot be translated to EBCDIC in the XML input to XMLSCREEN processing.

The XMLSCREENREPUC parameter was introduced by a ZAP in Model 204 V7.8.

The default value for XMLSCREENREPUC is X'0000' (or just 0) which means that there is no untranslatable character replacement unicode value.

If XMLSCREENREPUC is not specified and XMLSCREEN processing receives XML that contains characters that cannot be translated to EBCDIC, the request is cancelled. To prevent this, XMLSCREENREPUC can be set to a Unicode character that has a valid translation. For example, to replace non-translatable (to EBCDIC) Unicode characters to a question mark, specify XMLSCREENREPUC X'3F' on the JANUS DEFINE command for a port (since Unicode X'003F' is a question mark).

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