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Hex constant method (String class)

X is an intrinsic function that returns the unencoded value of a hex-encoded string. It is a compile-time-only equivalent of HexToString. Since, in use, it acts like a hex constant, it is also documented with the "Constant methods".

X treats each input character as an input hex digit.


%outString = string:X

Syntax terms

%outString A string variable to receive the unencoded value of the method object string.
string A hex-encoded string value.

Usage notes

  • As in all Janus SOAP system methods with string outputs, the output %outString variable provides longstring behavior. However, this adds 28 bytes of VTBL usage to every X constant.
  • Although its utility is dubious, the following is valid and sets %x to x'01':

    %x = 'f0f1':x:x

  • X requires a method object string with an even number of bytes.
  • X is available as of Sirius Mods Version 7.3.


The following statement would display 1234:

printText {'f1f2f3f4':X}

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