List of Socket methods

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The following are the available Socket class methods.

CaptureShould print output be sent on the socket?
CertificateRetrieve the SSL certificate
CertInfoRetrieve a value from the SSL certificate
CertLevelsNumber of levels of the SSL certificate
CloseClose this socket connection
ErrInfoRetrieve info about the most recent socket error
GetSocketNumberSocket number of this socket
GetSocketObjectGet a socket object for the given socket number
InfoRetrieve information about the socket
NewOpen a new socket
NumSocket numbers of a set of selected sockets
OnResetJump to label when this socket resets
ReceiveReceive a string of bytes on this socket
ReceiveAndParseReceive bytes up to a given string
ReceiveAsynchronousReceive zero or more bytes on this socket
ReceivedFinTest if received FIN on connection
ReceiveWebSocketReceive Web Socket framed message
SendSend a string over this socket
SendWebSocketSend Web Socket framed message
SendWithLineEndSend a string plus line end character
ServerSocketGet a reference to the server socket
SetChange a setting for this socket
SSLOnTurn on SSL processing
TranInTranslate a remote=encoded string to internal
TranOutTranslate an internal-encoded string to remote
URLEncodeUse escape sequences to encode special chars
WebSocketConvert Web thread to WebSocket thread

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