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For a quick reference, see SOUL syntax.

The SOUL programming language is used to write systems and applications in Model 204. The name of the language, SOUL, may be thought of as an acronym for Simple Objective User Language, which alludes to some of the language's essential features: Most significantly, it offers all of the benefits and features of the object oriented programming model, it provides a natural fit for programmers accustomed to other contemporary object oriented languages, and it provides syntax and semantics that are carefully tailored for the manipulation of Model 204 databases, seamlessly integrated in the language.

Prior to version 7.5 of Model 204, the language used for systems and applications in Model 204 was named User Language, and a number of Sirius Software extensions to it were available, including but not limited to object oriented features. Under Rocket Software, all the former Sirius products, including these extensions, were merged into the base Model 204 product or provided as separately licensed products.

Starting with version 7.5 of Model 204, SOUL is available to all Model 204 customers. It is an evolving language, frequently enhanced. It contains all of the features formerly provided in User Language, together with the object oriented features provided by Rocket Software (including some, but not all, of the Sirius system classes).

Since the former User Language and Rocket Software documentation is in the process of being combined to describe the single language, SOUL, the current documentation may contain references to "User Language" or to the "Janus SOAP User Language Interface" instead of simply to "SOUL".

Getting started

In the set of pages that document SOUL, it is recommended that: