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This page contains recent and forthcoming additions of note to Model 204 documentation.

RKTools Version 7.7

RKTools 7.7 is commercially available in July, 2017.

The main features in this release are summarized below and described in greater detail in the Release notes for RKTools V7.7.

Web interface

New in version 7.7 is RKWeb, an easy-to-use web interface for managing the entire Model 204 environment. The RKWeb tools framework provides a highly productive web interface to common Model 204 functionality.

RKWeb is mobile-ready and provides a task-based UI for SOUL application development. Using RKWeb utilities, you can:

  • Build applications
  • Manage SOUL code, passwords, groups, and SSL Certificates
  • Monitor performance

RKWeb also includes a journal scanner, command interface, and readers for SirTune reports and SirFact dumps.

Ease of installation

As of version 7.7, all code for all Rocket-provided, SOUL-based products and utilities resides in the M204PROC file. This includes all the Dictionary/204 components (SUBSYSMGMT, FILEMGMT, etc.), all the SQL Server support code, and all code for the former UL/SPF products such as SirPro, SirMon, and SirScan.


In version 7.7, JANSSL (Janus Network Security) is integrated with the other components in the RKWeb interface. Its operation is the same as before, and it is available without RKWeb from a Janus port as before.

V7.7 JANSSL also includes support for SHA2 SSL Certificates, including SHA384.

Integration of Dictionary/204

As of version 7.7, Dictionary/204 is integrated into RKTools, and it is accessible through both the RKTools and RKWeb interfaces, as well as from the Model 204 command line as before.

SQL Server utilities

As of RKTools 7.7, the RKWeb interface makes available the SQL Server Table Specification facility (TSF) and the catalog reporting utility (CCACATREPT).

Downloading instructions

To download RKTools version 7.7:

  1. Navigate to the SOUL files for Rocket Software page.
  2. Provide security credentials when prompted.
  3. Locate the RKTools V7.7 link and click its Download procfile link.

Janus/TN3270 Debugger Build 66 and 67

On July 5, 2017, Build 67 of the Janus/TN3270 Debugger Client was released. On April 3, 2017, Build 66 was released.

When Build 66 is used with Model 204 version 7.7, you can configure automatic creation of a new Client log file on a daily basis to prevent excessive growth of the log. You can also turn logging off.

Build 67 lets you specify how many days worth of previous Client logs to retain. The new daily log is always named log.txt; the names of previous daily logs include their creation dates.

Build 67 also lets you relocate and optionally rename the installed default locations of the Debugger Client Help file, its PDF-file representation, or both.

See the Debugger User's Guide for details (Builds 66 and 67 in the "Release Notes" chapter).

Model 204 Version 7.7

Model 204 7.7 is commercially available in January, 2017.

The main features in this release are summarized below and described in greater detail in the Release notes for Model 204 version 7.7.

Category Feature
Add-on enhancements

Fast/Unload Version 7.7

Highlights of this version include the integration of Fast/Unload with the Model 204 Online load module, the broader availability of zIIP exploitation, and the change of the product version number to match the version number of Model 204.

The main features in this release (January, 2017) are described in the Release notes for Model 204 version 7.7.

DROWN security threat to Janus SSL ports

Janus Network Security customers should be aware of a security threat known as the "DROWN attack" (https://drownattack.com/). The DROWN threat exploits a security vulnerability of network SSL ports that use SSL V2.

See the DROWN security threat page for recommendations for responding to this threat.