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The following are the available XmlNode class methods.

AddAttributeAdd Attribute to Element node
AddCommentAdd Comment to XmlDoc Root or to Element XmlNode
AddElementAdd Element to XmlDoc Root or to Element XmlNode
AddNamespaceAdd namespace declaration to Element node
AddPIAdd Processing Instruction to XmlDoc Root or to Element XmlNode
AddSubtreeCopy subtree to XmlDoc Root or to Element XmlNode
AddTextAdd Text child to Element node
AppendValueAppend to value of node
AuditDisplay selected subtree on audit trail
DeepCopyDeep copy this node
DeepDiscardDo deep discard of an XmlNode object
DefaultURIDefault URI in scope at selected node
DeleteSubtreeDelete selected subtree
ExistsIs XPath result non-empty?
InsertCommentBeforeInsert a Comment before this node
InsertElementBeforeInsert an Element before this node
InsertPIBeforeInsert a processing instruction before this node
InsertSubtreeBeforeInsert copy of subtree before this node
InsertTextBeforeInsert Text node before this node
LengthLength of string-value of selected node
LoadFromRecordLoad fields and fieldgroups from current record
LoadFromStringlistDeserialize Stringlist into XmlDoc (obsolete)
LoadXmlDeserialize XML document or fragment into XmlDoc Root or into Element XmlNode
LocalNameName (without prefix) of selected node
NextGet the next node after this node
NoEmptyElementSuppress/produce empty tag when serializing this Element, if childless
PrefixPrefix part of name of selected node
PrefixURIURI of specified prefix in context of selected node
PreviousGet node previous to this node
PrintPrint selected subtree
QNameName (with prefix, if any) of selected node
SelectCountNumber of selected nodes
SelectNodesGet list of selected nodes as XmlNodelist
SelectSingleNodeGet selected node as XmlNode
SerialSerialize selected subtree as string
ToXPathStringXPath expression for selected node
ToXPathStringlistXPath expression (in Stringlist) for selected node
TraceDisplay selected subtree on Trace stream
TypeType of selected node
URINamespace URI of name of selected node
ValueString-value of selected node
ValueDefaultString-value of selected node (allow empty XPath)
XmlDocGet the XmlDoc associated with this node
XPathNodeIDXPath expression (in Stringlist) for selected node

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