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Decompress a longstring with inflate

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. The OO equivalent for the $Inflate function is the Inflate function.

This function takes a deflated longstring input and decompresses it using the "inflate" algorithm. The inflate algorithm is described as part of the deflate specification in RFC 1951.

The $Inflate function accepts one argument and returns a longstring result. The argument is the longstring to be decompressed, and it is required.


%lstrc = $Inflate(%lstr, [option])

%lstrc is the returned longstring.

Usage notes

  • If the input string is not a valid deflated string, the request is cancelled.
  • If compression is not enabled for the current run, the request is cancelled.
  • The NCMPBUF parameter must be set by User 0 before the $Inflate function can be used. If $Inflate is called with NCMPBUF = 0, the request is cancelled.
  • As with any compression scheme, it is possible that a particular string will become longer after compression. This would happen, for example, if a deflated string were passed to $Deflate .


In the following example, %LSTR is set to the uncompressed version of the given string:

%LSTRC = $Deflate('How much wood could a woodchuck chuck', 'FIXED') %LSTR = $Inflate(%LSTRC)

Products authorizing $Inflate

Products authorizing $Inflate