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The $Lowcase function translates an uppercase or mixed-case string into a lowercase string. The translation affects only characters with uppercase and lowercase pairs, for example, A to a through Z to z in U.S. English. These are not strictly keyboard pairs. If the first character in the string is alphabetic, the character is converted to uppercase.




The string argument represents the characters to verify, which must be entered as follows:

  • A literal enclosed in quotation marks.
  • A %variable.
  • A field name without quotation marks. In this case, the function call must be embedded in a FOR EACH RECORD loop where the current value of the field is verified.

The optional language argument specifies the language to use, which is handled as follows:

  • Omitting the language argument instructs Model 204 to perform the validation in U.S. English, even if the value of the LANGUSER parameter is not US.
  • An asterisk enclosed by quotation marks ('*') instructs Model 204 to use the value of the LANGUSER parameter.
  • You can enter a literal name of a valid language enclosed in quotation marks. If the name you enter is not supported, the request is canceled with an error message. See LANGUSER parameter for the valid values.


The following example returns the string 'Name and address' in U.S. English:


The following example returns the string 'Çà et là' in French Canadian: