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The $Pad function allows padding to the left with a designated character. $Pad works exactly like $PadR, with the exception that $Pad pads to the left while $PadR pads to the right.

Note: Many $functions have been superseded by SOUL OO methods. The Right (String function) provides a left-padding feature similar to $Pad.

The $Pad function takes three arguments and returns a character string of the length specified by the value of the third argument. The resulting string contains the first argument, right-justified, and padded with the character indicated in the second argument. The length argument is rounded if it is not an integral value.


$pad('55449825','0',9) equals '055449825' $pad('123.65','*',8) equals '**123.65' $pad('123.65','*',7.66) equals '**123.65'

  • If the value of the third (length) argument is greater than 255, 255 is used.
  • If the value of the length argument is not greater than zero, a null string is returned.
  • If the second argument contains more than one character, the first character in the string is the one used for padding. For example:

    $pad('123.65','*4',8) equals '**123.65'