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The $REMOTE function returns the SNA Communications Server (formerly VTAM) network ID (SNA Communications Server applid, or User 0 parameter VTAMNAME) of the Model 204 region from which a user is transferred by the Transfer Control facility. This SNA Communications Server applid should be the DEFINE PROCESSGROUP command REMOTEID value of the Model 204 region to which the user is transferred. $REMOTE simplifies a return transfer to the region from which the user transferred: the $REMOTE value is used as the target of the return transfer.

It returns an 8-byte character string consisting of the SNA Communications Server applid of a remote Model 204 region. If a user transferred into the Model 204 region from a non-Model 204 region, $REMOTE returns blanks. $REMOTE can only be issued from an IODEV 7 thread. The $REMOTE function takes no arguments.