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Retrieve task's statistics into string

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. There is no OO equivalent for the $TkStat function.

This function allows retrieval of a specific task's statistics into a string.


%string = $TkStat(stat_list, task_num)

Syntax terms

%string A string of data. If the string is exactly four bytes, it contains a binary error code.

Otherwise, the first four bytes contain the unsigned binary number of milliseconds that the Online has been up. This provides a convenient number for calculating rates for the statistics.

The next ten bytes contain blanks, then follows two bytes of binary 0. This means that the actual data starts at offset 16 (byte number 17) in the result string.

stat_list A string of blank-delimited words indicating the statistics to be returned. The length of each returned statistic is always a multiple of four bytes. This facilitates the use of $StatD with the returned string.

For more information about available statistics, see the SirMon M204wiki pages.

task_num The task number of the task for which data is to be returned. The maintask is always task number 0. Other tasks are only available for Onlines running the MP/204 feature.

Return codes

-5 Required parameter not specified -12 Invalid parameter (argument 2 > NMPSUBS) -13 STAT not linked in -14 Result string would be longer than 255 bytes


The following program displays some totals for subtask 1:

Begin %data IS STRING LEN 255 %data = $TkStat('CPU STDEQ LKWAIT', 1) IF $LEN(%data) = 4 THEN PRINT '$TKSTAT ERROR... RC = ' WITH $Unbin(%data) STOP END IF PRINT 'CPU = ' WITH $Unbin( $Substr(%data, 17, 4) ) PRINT 'STDEQ = ' WITH $Unbin( $Substr(%data, 21, 4) ) PRINT 'LKWAIT = ' WITH $Unbin( $Substr(%data, 25, 4) ) End

Products authorizing $TkStat