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Number of saved logon messages

$Web_Num_LogMsg retrieves the number of saved logon messages.


%count = $Web_Num_LogMsg

$Web_Num_LogMsg takes no arguments and returns a number.

If the port definition contains a LOGMSGI parameter, $Web_Num_LogMsg will always return a 0, otherwise it will return the number of messages issued to the Janus Web Server thread's "terminal" at logon time. $Web_Num_LogMsg and $Web_LogMsg are probably most useful in a JANUS WEB ON LOGONERR routine but can be used in any JANUS WEB ON routine.

For %i From 1 TO $Web_Num_LogMsg %msg = $Web_LogMsg(%i) If $substr(%msg, 1, 10) Eq 'M204.1500:' Then Jump To GOTACF2MSG End If End For


This is an example of how $Web_Num_LogMsg can be used to scan logon messages looking for an ACF2 message that perhaps indicates the reason for a logon failure. Depending on the reason (incorrect password, expired password, suspended account), appropriate action can be taken.

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