AGEINCR parameter

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Aging priority increment


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
On User 0's parameter line or reset by system manager
Related products
Model 204 V6.1 or earlier


The internal priority increment associated with aging promotion

Each time an aging scan determines that a particular user has waited longer than AGEINTVL milliseconds, it assigns a multiplier, as explained in the description of AGEINTVL.

This multiplier is applied to AGEINCR and the result is added to the user's current internal priority, subject to the PRIOMAX parameter. Increasing this parameter causes the user's priority to increase faster with aging.

Do not set AGEINCR greater than PRIOMAX, because this prevents the user's pre-aged priority from being altered.

AGEINCR has no effect unless the AGESCAN parameter value is nonzero.