AsynchronousFinished (Daemon property)

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Is the asynchronous request on this Daemon finished? (Daemon class)

[Introduced in Sirius Mods 7.9]


%boolean = daemon:AsynchronousFinished

Syntax terms

%boolean A Boolean enumeration result: True if the asynchronous request is finished, and False if it is not.
daemon A Daemon object.

Usage notes


In the following example, a master thread starts two asynchronous requests on two daemon threads and then polls them using AsynchronousFinished to determine which one is done first and then process its response:

%daemon1 is object daemon %daemon2 is object daemon %doneDaemon is object daemon ... %daemon1:runAsynchronously(%commands) %daemon2:runAsynchronously(%commands) repeat forever  %(system):wakeupAt(%(system):currentTimeMilliseconds + 100) if %daemon1:asynchronousFinished then %doneDaemon = %daemon1 elseIf %daemon2:asynchronousFinished then %doneDaemon = %daemon2 end if end repeat %doneDaemon:waitAsynchronous(%outputObject)

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