BitValueString (String function)

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Get bit value (0 or 1) in a string (String class)

[Introduced in Model 204 7.5]

This function returns the "value" of a bit in a string: 0 if the requested bit number is off, 1 if it is on.


%value = string:BitValueString( bitNumber) Throws InvalidBitNumber

Syntax terms

%valueSet to 0 if the requested but number was off, and 1 if it was on.
stringThe string for which a bit is to be tested.
bitNumberThe bit number in the input string that is to be tested. Note that this is a bit number not a bit offset. So the first bit in the string is bit number 1.

Usage notes

Usage notes

  • Requesting a non-positive bit number, or a bit number past the the end of the string results in an InvalidBitNumber exception being thrown.
  • Since each byte in a string has 8 bits, the valid bit numbers range from 1 to the length of the string times 8. So a null (zero-length) string has no valid bits.


The following example shows a bit in a string being tested based on a field value:

%bitmap is string len 32 ... for record %record if %bitmap:bitValueString(stateCode) eq 0 then ... retrieve information for state %bitmap:bitSetString(statecode) end if end for

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