DeepCopy (XmlNode function)

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Deep copy this node (XmlNode class)

DeepCopy returns an exact copy of an XmlNode method object.

Since an XmlNode cannot exist without its underlying XmlDoc, an XmlNode is deep copyable only, and no Copy method exists for an XmlNode. For further information about copyability, see "Copying objects".


%outNod = nod:DeepCopy

Syntax terms

%outNod An XmlNode object variable to contain the deep copy of nod.
nod An XmlNode object expression, which may be Null.

Usage notes

  • The method object (nod) may be Null. The output of a copy of a Null object is a Null object.
  • DeepCopy copies the underlying XmlDoc and sets the output XmlNode to the node in the new XmlDoc that corresponds to the input XmlNode.

See also

  • AddSubtree copies a specified XmlNode, appending it to the method object.