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Convert language requests to RPCs on OPENSERV ports

EXEC2RPC is a parameter on JANUS DEFINE, which defines and sets characteristics of a Janus port.

This parameter indicates that language requests should be converted to RPCs. The types of language requests that can be translated into an RPC are described in the Janus Open Server Reference Manual.

EXEC2RPC implies RPCONLY. That is, it is not possible to set up a port to satisfy the following scenario: Janus attempts to convert language requests into RPCs, but if the attempt fails, the language request is then made available to SOUL via $Srv_Langget. If a language request is converted to an RPC, $Srv_Wait returns a 1 indicating that an RPC has been received. Thus, it is impossible for a SOUL application on an EXEC2RPC port to tell if the current request was a "true" RPC or one that was generated via EXEC2RPC.

Valid only for OPENSERV ports.

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