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Error message of the most recent LDAP error (LDAP class)

This method is a readOnly property that reports the error message text from the last LDAP method for which an error message was returned.


%string = ldap:ErrorText

Syntax terms

%string A string variable to contain the returned error message text. The %string value is an empty string if no methods have been called.
ldap An LDAP object variable.

Usage notes

  • The ErrorNumber method reports the error number associated with the ErrorText message or a number of a related error.
  • The ErrorText message will be the same as that indicated by the status return from LDAP methods for problems "internal" to the client, will be a message from a related error, or will be a message from a server-reported error.
  • If an ErrorText message (and number) contain information reported by the server, they may conform to the LDAP RFC, which lists dozens of such server result codes (positive integers) and descriptions, but no accompanying diagnostic text for these codes is standardized.


  • An LDAP Bind call fails and returns a status value of -5, which indicates that the bind authorization failed. When the following statement was issued:

    Print 'Error text is ': ' %ld:ErrorText

    The result was: Error text is LDBIND FTPCONN failed to connect. ErrorText and returned status provide corroborating information.

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