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Constructs and runs a Client command. The evaluate argument values are concatenated into a single string and run as a Client command.


evaluate {&var|'string1'|"string2"|&&function} ... 


  • &var is a previously defined macro variable.
  • string1 and string2 are single or double quoted string literals.
  • As of Build 69, an invocation of a Debugger Client &&function may also be used.

No blanks are placed between the argument values when they are concatenated, so you may have to add blanks with quoted string values.

Here is a macro definition that makes heavy use of the evaluate command:

# historyButtons.macro: Assign extrabutton<extrBtn>-<extrBtn+3> 
# for history traversal 
# Usage: macro historyButtons <extrBtn> 
extraButtonBar main 
set &bnum = &argstring 
evaluate 'mapButton extrabutton' &bnum ' previousHistory' 
increment &bnum 
evaluate 'mapButton extrabutton' &bnum ' nextHistory' 
increment &bnum  
evaluate 'mapButton extrabutton' &bnum ' firstHistory' 
increment &bnum  
evaluate 'mapButton extrabutton' &bnum ' lastHistory'  
evaluate 'echo buttons ' &argstring '-' &bnum ' set for history'

Client menu:
Introduced: Build 57