IFAMHALT command

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System manager
Temporarily halts a Host Language Interface facility IFAM2 thread


IFAMHALT [CRAM | IUCV] [usernumber [,usernumber1]...]

Where: usernumber is the number of the HLI IFAM2 thread that is being temporarily halted. If a user number is not specified, all IFAM2 threads on the channel are logged out.

Syntax notes

If the channel type is not specified, CRAM is assumed. However, if no CRAM threads are defined, IUCV is assumed.

Note: Specifying IFAMHALT without arguments clears any drain-pending status.




The IFAMHALT command temporarily halts HLI IFAM2 processing for individual threads. This command can be issued to improve Model 204 User Language performance or to preserve an IFAM2 state for examination. The system manager should exercise caution with IFAMHALT because programs can time out (ABEND 522) if they are halted for too long a time. Threads halted by IFAMHALT can be restarted by the IFAMSTART command.

If IFAMHALT specifies invalid thread user numbers, an error message is produced for each invalid specification, but valid threads are processed.

Note: In z/VM, only IUCV communications are supported.