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System manager
Open a Host Language Interface facility IFAM2 channel


IFAMOPEN [CRAM | IUCV] [channel]

Where: channel is the name of a CRAM or IUCV channel (1 to 8 characters). If a channel is not specified, the most recently specified channel name is the default; originally, this is the value of the IFAMCHNL parameter.

Syntax notes

If the channel type is not specified, CRAM is assumed. However, if no CRAM threads are defined, IUCV is assumed.



Usage notes

The IFAMOPEN command opens a specified CRAM or IUCV channel used by IFAM2.

The ICB has a channel name associated with it. This is the name given to IFSTRTN, or defaulted to by IFSTRT. The default name is IFAMPROD. If one Model 204/IFAM service program is up and a second is started, the second requires a different channel name, such as IFAMTEST. When the second Model 204/IFAM service program is initialized, it directs an error message to the operator and places IFAM2 in a halted state. Any User Language users for the second service program are not halted. At this point, a system manager can issue IFAMOPEN. The channel name specified in the command is used to again attempt the CRAM OPEN. If this open is successful, an IFAMSTART command can be issued to commence HLI IFAM2 processing with the new channel name. If a name that has less than eight characters is specified, it is padded on the right with blanks. HLI IFAM2 application programs that intend to use the second service program must specify its channel name in an IFSTRTN call.

If the IFAMOPEN command is specified without argument, the most recently specified channel name (originally the default or the value of the IFAMCHNL parameter) is reused by the CRAM OPEN. This can be useful, for example, if the first IFAM2 is up erroneously and is canceled.

IFAMOPEN can be used in conjunction with the IFAMCLOSE command to change the IFAM2 CRAM channel name, perhaps to test the Host Language Interface online.

If the IFAMOPEN command is specified when the IFAM2 CRAM ICB is already open, an error message is produced.

Note: In z/VM, only IUCV communications are supported.