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Create named group of ip addresses

This command creates a named group which contains any number of IP addresses. The groupname can then be used to control Janus Web Server or Janus Sockets access based on IP address.


JANUS DEFINEIPGROUP groupname ipaddress(es)

Where each parameter is positional and required:

groupname A 1 - 30 character name of the group with which IP addresses are being associated for ALLOW and DISALLOW rules in JANUS WEB, JANUS CLSOCK, or JANUS SRVSOCK commands.
ipaddress(es) A list of IP addresses or subnet masks, in any combination, separated by spaces or commas. Each value can be an IPV4 dotted-decimal address, an IPV6 address (as of version 7.7 of Model 204), or it can be a subnet.
  • IPV4 subnets are indicated by an IP address followed by one of these:
    • A forward slash (/) followed by a netmask (with no intervening blanks)
    • A hyphen (-) followed by the number of bits in the subnet mask (with no intervening blanks)

    For example, is a simple IP address that must be matched exactly. ., which is equivalent to, indicates that any machine on subnet is to be allowed access to url.

  • IPV6 addresses are 128-bit integers, represented with eight, colon-separated, 16-bit (four hex-digit) groups, which may be abbreviated and represented with fewer groups. For example, fe80:0000:0000:0000:0200:0000:0300:0016 or fe80::200:0:300:16.

    An IPV6 subnet is indicated by the first address in the range, followed by a forward slash, and a decimal value equal to the number of bits in the network prefix. A subnet that includes the example address above is: fe80::200:0/48.

Note: Translation of a name to an IP address is not supported on this command.

The DEFINEIPGROUP command may be abbreviated DEFIPGROUP, DEFIPG, and DEFINEIPG.


The following example builds an IP group called PRIVILEGED made of all IP addresses in the subdomain (using 16 mask bits), all addresses in the subdomain (using 24 mask bits) and the single IP address


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