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Remove certificate from port

This command removes a "trusted" certifying authority's (often abbreviated as CA) certificate from a port.

The JANUS DELCA command removes certifying authority certificates added with the JANUS ADDCA command.


JANUS DELCA portname filename procname

Where each parameter is positional and required:

portname The defined Janus port to from which the certificates are to be removed. Can include wildcards.
filename The name of the file that contains the CA certificate.
procname The name of the procedure that contains the base64 encoded CA certificates to be removed. Because the certificates are copied into memory at the time of the JANUS ADDCA command, neither the file nor the procedure containing the certificate in the JANUS DELCA are opened during JANUS DELCA processing and, in fact, neither the file nor the procedure actually need to be accessible or to even exist any more at the time of the JANUS DELCA command.

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