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Display certificate status

This command displays the status of "trusted" certifying authority certificates that have been added to a port with the JANUS ADDCA command.

Certifying authority is often abbreviated CA. STATCA is a valid synonym for STATUSCA.


JANUS STATUSCA [portname] [filename] [procname]

Each parameter is positional, can be specified with pattern wildcards, and can be replaced with an asterisk (*), which returns all values for that category. You may omit a parameter (which is equivalent to specifying an asterisk value for it) if the parameters to its right are omitted.

portname The defined JANUS port for which the certificate status is to be displayed.
filename The name of the file(s) for which the certificate status is to be displayed.
procname The name of the procedure for which certificate status is to be displayed. If not specified, status is displayed for all certificates for the indicated port(s) and file(s).

Usage notes

JANUS STATUSCA provides the following information:

Portname Name defined for the TCP/IP port.
Filename File from which the certificate was loaded.
Procname Procedure from which the certificate was loaded.
Internal-name The "common name" of the certifying authority as specified in the certificate.
NumSigned The number of certificates received that were signed by the certifying authority associated with the indicated certificate.


The following example shows the format of STATUSCA output, in this case for a single Sirius-certified certificate:

JANUS STATCA SSLCLI Portname Filename Procname Internal-name NumSigned SSLCLI GLWPROC GTEST.CERT www.sirius-software.com 1

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